The concrete batching plant produced by Henan Ling Heng Machinery continuous increase in export volume

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The series of concrete batching plant produced by Henan Ling Heng Machinery has shown a good momentum of continuous increase in export volume since October.

There are many Concrete Batching plant such as HZS60,HZS90 ,HZS120, HZS180 station successively exported to Algeria, Ecuador, Saudi Arabia, kazakhstan, Russia and other countries & regions.

Facing the good situation, Henan Ling Heng Machinery CO., LTD. heartened by the spirits, a fighting spirit soars aloft and actively respond to market changes.

The tight production and delivery cycle has brought a lot of pressure to production,The export mixing station has higher standard in product packaging, protection, loading, transportation, because the date of shipment is relatively centralized. In order to ensure the smooth loading of each product issue, Henan Ling Heng Machinery company has made careful arrangements for all the contracts and divided the tasks into layers. Each department is required to complete the production task in the shortest time and actively communicate with supporting units in a timely manner. Implementation of each product completion time, to ensure timly delivery, and timely, efficient and smooth delivery of users.

At the same time, we should pay attention to detail, optimize the process, strictly control the quality, constantly improve the product quality, improve the performance of the mixing station, lay a solid foundation, and promote more Ling Heng products to the international arena.

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